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Chemical Peel Treatments

Get Brighter, Smoother, Healthier Skin with low downtime and less visible flaking!

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Dramatically improve visible signs of skin damage, while improving the long-term health of your skin with a peel treatment that won't interrupt your daily routine.


Your Go-to Treatment

Hero Peel at Henderson MedSpa

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, resurface and smooth texture, and fade all forms of discoloration including skin yellowing, dark spots and redness, with this advanced treatment formulated for any skin type and concern.

Hero Peel before and after image at Henderson MedSpa


Counteract the Causes of Breakouts

Spotless Peel at Henderson MedSpa

Control oil production, reduce scarring and pitting left from cysts, pimples and pustules, and unclog pores with this targeted treatment formulated for oily and breakout-prone skin.

Spotless Peel before and after image at Henderson MedSpa


Powerful, Yet Gentle

Polite Peel at Henderson MedSpa

Reduce wrinkles, resurface and smooth texture, and fade all forms of discoloration including redness, with this advanced treatment formulated for sensitive, hypersensitive and compromised skin.

Polite Peel before and after image at Henderson MedSpa

Inside the Formulation

Acids + Concentrations

Our AHA and BHA blends are no more than 30% of the total formula. At these lower concentrations, topical application contributes to cellular apoptosis, triggering microscopic exfoliation without the irritation.

Optimal PH

Skin PH image at Henderson MedSpa

Our peels are adjusted to stay within the pH sweet spot, 3 - 3.5. This range is low enough to react with the skin's natural pH of 5.5, while limiting inflammation and irritation.

Specialty Ingredients

Ingredients image at Henderson MedSpa

With 3 formulas boosted with targeted ingredients to treat specific conditions, including hexylresorcinol, glycolic acid, tranexamic acid and more, we offer solutions for all skin types and concerns.

Solvents to Enhance Delivery

Enhance delivery image at Henderson MedSpa

Solvents are used to dissolve active ingredients, such as acids and specialty ingredients, so the skin can absorb them. Our chemists choose solvents synergistic to ingredients in each formula for optimal penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.


How often can I get a Linder Health peel?

Our peels are formulated to correct existing damage and maintain overall skin health. We will work with you to determine your optimal schedule, but treatments often can be every two weeks.

What does downtime mean?

Our low-inflammation formulas trigger microscopic exfoliation and light flaking, opposed to other peel treatments which can cause skin to flake in large chunks or sheets. This means you can reapply makeup, work out, and get back to your regular activities immediately after your treatment.

Will a Linder Health peel hurt?

Linder Health peels are formulated to limit inflammation and irritation. Most patients do not feel stinging or tingling commonly associated with chemical peels during the treatment, even those with hypersensitive skin.

How quickly will I see results?

Depending on your treatment, you may see results immediately or within days of your first peel. For the best results and to maintain overall healthy skin, we recommend peels regular basis.

Do Linder Health peels complement other treatments?

Yes, adding our peels in the same service as other treatments will maximize your results. Complementary treatments include fillers, enzyme masks and more.

Do I need to prep my skin before treatment?

For best results, we recommend using an at-home regimen tailored to your skin type including at minimum a cleanser, a moisturizer and a broad-spectrum SPF. During your visit we can go over your personalized plan, including additional corrective products.

What should I expect post-treatment?

Our peels are self-neutralizing, which means they are not washed off during the treatment. For best results, do not wash your face for 24 hours after your peel to allow the formula to penetrate into, and work within the deeper layers of your skin. To protect freshly exfoliated skin following your peel, avoid physical scrubs for 48 hours, apply a broad-spectrum SPF every 2 - 3 hours, and apply a light moisturizer 2 - 3 times a day to keep skin hydrated.

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