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MIC Weight Loss Support

What does MIC stand for?

There are three components to MIC- Methionine, Inositol & Choline. They are lipotropic and help break down fat.


Methionine is a precursor to glutathione (can be converted by the body into glutathione) which helps detox your liver. Methionine can also help break down fat deposits and remove heavy metals. Methionine can potentially help prevent fat development in the body and arteries.


This nutrient helps break down fats into usable energy. It is also important in transporting nutrients across the cell membrane, maintaining transfer of energy across membranes at the cellular level and facilitates conduction of nerve signals.


This nutrient can potentially help manage cholesterol levels and can work as a fat metabolizer. It is important in liver and gallbladder function and can help flush out toxins and fat which in turn can help boost metabolism. It can also potentially help with memory and nerve cell health and is used by the body to maintain healthy membranes at a cellular level.

Does this treatment dissolve fat?

It does not. This medication does not instantly dissolve fat. Inositol and Choline are important in fat filtering, regulating hormone and insulin levels, and mobilizing your fat deposits. The four ingredients in our injections help maximize your body's potential.

Can I just lay around and let the MIC injections increase my metabolism for me?

You cannot. While you may feel more energetic with these injections, it does not boost your metabolism to an extent that you can go without any exercise to successfully reach your weight loss goals.

Does MIC injection contain unnatural chemicals?

No it does not. All ingredients are found naturally in a balanced diet. Giving MIC injections provides your body with a concentrated boost of these helpful nutrients without having the calories and fat that you normally take in at the same time.

How are the treatments administered?

MIC treatments require a quick and easy injection. Injecting the medication makes sure you have faster absorption and none of the nutrient benefits are lost in the digestive process (which can occur if taken orally).

How much weight might I expect to lose?

You could see up to 2 to 4 lbs lost per week.

How long before I will start to see the weight loss effects from the medication?

It may take 30 days to see the first effects from the injections, but paired with proper diet and exercise, you may see effects sooner.

Are there any side effects?

Most patients will have no side effects other than the desired weight loss. Although uncommon, it is possible for people experience GI upset, urinary problems, and feelings of depression following the injection.

How does adding B12 to MIC help with weight loss?

Your liver can process fats more efficiently - making weight loss easier. It can also help increase your energy levels allowing you step up your workouts and improve mood and mental clarity.

Who can benefit from MIC injections?

  • Both men & women can receive the injections
  • Patients who want to lose more than 10 to 15 lbs
  • Patients who have tried other programs unsuccessfully or plateaued
  • Patients who want to boost their metabolism, improve your skin and muscle tone
  • Patients looking for an adjunct to their weight loss plan that may boost their energy levels

How often do I need injections?

The typical regimen is weekly injections until desired results are achieved. Patients who wish to lose more than 50 lbs may want to consider twice weekly injections.

Do you offer support beyond the injections?

Yes! Become a member of our Henderson Internal Medicine clinic and enjoy the support of a comprehensive program. You may benefit from other weight loss medications and interventions. If you have any other health concerns, we can address them as well. Our membership includes an initial comprehensive visit and follow-up care as needed.

Our membership-based practice does not file with insurance for office visits. This allows us to keep our patient panel numbers low so we always have time to customize your care. There are no copays for office visits. You have the added benefit of 15% off any Med Spa services after you have been a patient of ours for 6 months.

Check out our Henderson Internal Medicine website for more information or to register as a new patient at www.hendersoninternalmedicine.com.

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