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IPL Laser

The MediLight High Intensity Treatment

The IPL Laser

Low Risk. Photon Pulse Train™ Technology Makes The Difference.

The IPL Is The Tried And True Workhorse Of The Practice

The IPL gets rid of hair. Photofacials are excellent at reversing the effects of sun damage on the skin. Acne and skin issues fall under its treatment umbrella. It's effective on rosacea and telangictasias. It even boosts collagen production, to help with fine lines and wrinkles.

Power. Speed. Reliability. The MediLight IPL ticks the boxes.

Evolving IPL Treatment With Single-Pass Operation

The IPL Laser Facial treatment

Most IPL devices aren't able to bring their full power on a target area for long. Energy concentrated in a single spot for prolonged periods means heat. A lot of it. This leads to burned skin.

IPLs utilize pulses to gradually build the energy to lessen the risk. Between each pulse the IPL would rest, to let the skin cool.

The MediLight IPL goes even further, leveraging unique Photo Pulse Train™ technology to break these pulses into even shorter "sub-pulses." Each at fractions of a second. This allows more energy to be brought to bear on the skin, more quickly, without damaging the body.

Most similar devices require multiple passes with a handpiece to complete treatment. The MediLight needs just one.

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How soon will I see results?

You may start seeing results after your first treatment but for the full impact you need to complete the whole series.

How many treatments are usually needed?

  • Photofacials: 4 treatments
  • Acne: Initial series is 8 treatments. Maintenance treatments are based on your skin's needs.
  • Hair removal: 6 to 10 treatments depending on the area being treated.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatments take between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the area being treated.

How long between treatments?

  • Photofacials: 1 month apart.
  • Acne: 2 weeks apart initially but the maintenance treatments are monthly to quarterly.
  • Hair removal: 4 to 8 weeks depending on the area being treated.

What areas can you treat?

  • Photofacials: face, neck, decollatage, arms, hands.
  • Acne: face, neck, back, arms.
  • Hair removal: underarms, face, neck, bikini, legs, chest, back, hands, feet.

What can I expect during the Medlite Laser Treatment?

Your skin will be cleansed prior to treatment if you have make-up or sunscreen on. You will have protective eye-goggles placed over your eyes. The laser will be adjusted to your skin-tone. The laser is often described as a snapping or tingling sensation when the energy is being delivered. This sensation is brief only during the laser delivery. Afterwards, post treatment sunscreen will be applied.

Is there any downtime?

Most regular daily activities can be resumed after your treatment. You can put sunblock and makeup on directly after your visit. During your treatment course we advise you avoid extended sun exposure and when you are outside- wear sunscreen protection. The day of your treatment we advise no working out, hot showers, steam or sauna rooms and avoidance of sun exposure afterwards.

Are there any skin types who cannot receive IPL treatments?

IPL lasers are indicated for skin types I-III and some type IVs. We will assess your skin type during our consultation before any treatments are started.

How can I make the Medlite Laser results last?

The best way to make the Medlite Laser results last is to avoid sun exposure. This means that you need to wear a hat in direct sunlight and wear sunscreen everyday even if you are not planning on spending time outside. Even when it is not sunny you are still getting UVA exposure which is the type of sunlight that penetrates clouds and glass. You also need to continue the appropriate skin care regimen that may include retinol, hydroquinone, kojic acid, lactic acid or other ingredients.

Before & After Images

View the images below to see actual results.

IPL Photofacial

Before and After image Before and After image

IPL Laser Hair Removal

Before and After image Before and After image

IPL Laser Acne Treatment

Before and After image Before and After image Before and After image

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