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Supporting Hair Growth

Nutrafol for Men Nutrafol for Women

Nutrafol supports your hair growth from the inside-out. Clinically tested for visibly thicker, stronger hair in 3 - 6 months.

  • 100% drug-free, with vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients
  • Patented multi-target approach to the root cause of thinning hair
  • Backed by clinical studies
  • It works by addressing the systemic causes of hair loss
    • Hormones- DHT sensitivity (due to genetics, stress, diet, and every day toxin exposure)
    • Stress- both physical and emotional
    • Lifestyle
    • Metabolism- how your cells receive nutrients and signal your body to provide energy for different functions, including hair follicles
    • Nutrition- gaps in nutrition from imbalanced diet or compromised gut microbiome
    • Aging- natural process that includes the loss of collagen and elastin


How do I take the supplement?

4 capsules once a day with food.

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