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Vitamin Injections

Whether you are looking for an energy/immune boost or want to help optimize your aesthetic treatment, we have an IV therapy option for you. We also offer injection treatments to help with weight loss and boost your vitamin levels.

What packages do you offer?

IVF Hydration

Dehydrated after a night out in Vegas? Want to make sure you are hydrated to get the most out of your Potenza treatment? Come in for a hydration infusion with normal saline.

Hair, Skin, Nails Support

The best partner to our Potenza treatments with Biotin, glutathione and Vitamins B & C.

Immunity Support

Invaluable when you are feeling run down or during cold and flu season. Includes Meyers cocktail (blend of immune supporting vitamins).

Energy Booster

Need that lift in your "get up and go"? Try our energy booster with Olympia vita complex and Amino blend.

Weight Loss Support

Infusion of B12/ LipoC intramuscular treatment. Ask us about our package of weekly treatments to get the most out of your weight loss goals.

Vitamin D or Vitamin B12 Intramuscular Treatments

Having trouble bringing up your levels with oral supplementation? Want to give your levels a quick boost? Schedule an injection today.

What is IV hydration therapy?

This is a common treatment used by providers, nurses, paramedics to rehydrate through an IV. Your body does not have to absorb anything thru your GI tract making it the most efficient method to deliver fluids and nutrients.

How does it work?

An IV delivers fluids and whatever vitamins, medicine or electrolytes that have been added to it directly into your bloodstream. Your specific cocktail of ingredients will be matched to best meet your needs.

Is it safe?

Yes. Under the care of a trained medical professional. All medical personnel administering our treatments carry the appropriate licensure/ certification.

Does it hurt?

Everyone experiences pain differently but our staff makes the IV insertion as quick and painless as possible. For most they will only feel a very brief minor amount of pain as the IV is inserted.

Why get IV therapy? Can't I just drink fluids and take vitamins?

Oral hydration & nutrients have to be absorbed through your GI tract to reach the rest of your body. Absorption varies and is not guaranteed. IV fluids are the quickest way to rehydrate and infuse medications, vitamins, treatments. To ensure the dose you are receiving and to get delivery as quick as possible, IV infusion is the way to go.

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